LyreBird  &  LilyPond

Software for Chromatic Lyre Notation

LilyPond is free, open-source, cross-platform music engraving software that can produce high quality sheet music.

LyreBird is an extension to LilyPond designed for typesetting music in Chromatic Lyre Notation.

This short tutorial should let you get started with creating your own scores or transcribing already existing LilyPond files
to Chromatic Lyre Notation:

Download and install LilyPond and read some basic instructions on how to use it. It is easier than it seems...

Since LilyPond is text-based and its input files are just plain text files, it is possible to edit them in any text editor. However, downloading and installing Frescobaldi - an editor specifically designed to work with Lilypond - will make everything a lot easier.

Download LyreBird (right-click on the following link and save it):
current version: 23.05.18  (works with LilyPond 2.24)

Place the file "" to a folder where LilyPond can access it. An easy way of doing that is to open Frescobaldi Preferences, from there click on LilyPond Preferences and find the field "LilyPond include path".
Click "Add" button and navigate to the folder where "" is saved.

Open or create a new file in Frescobaldi and add the following line near the top:

\include ""

Now you can edit your file the same way as any other LilyPond file.

Run LilyPond on the file by hitting the "Engrave" button in Frescobaldi (it might be useful to check the "Automatic Engrave" option).  Now you should see the music rendered in Chromatic Lyre Notation.