Chromatic Lyres for Sale
Ateliér Délos offers a complete range of modern chromatic lyres for sale - from basic models suitable for children and beginners to large concert instruments fulfilling the demands of proffesional musicians.

We design and continuously improve our instruments in close colaboration with Anton Workshop trying to find the most beautiful sound and form of a modern lyre.

All lyres in our collection come with the modern whole-tone string layout.

Please contact us for information on availability and ordering. Here you can download the current price list.
Soprano Lyre

Soprano Lyre is a good choice for beginners as well as players who seek a light-weight and easily portable instrument. The shape is designed to allow comfortable holding and despite its small size it has very good accoustic properties. It excels with clear and bright trebles, yet the range still contains deeper register with softer and warmer sound, enhancing the posibilities of the instrument. The Soprano Lyre is well balanced instrument with a pleasant, typical lyre sound in its whole range.

41 strings - range c - e’’’
Typical timber selection: spruce / maple, ash

Solo Lyre

Solo Lyre is a well-proven instrument with clear and balanced sound that is strong enough even for solo performances. Although the lyre relatively light and easily portable, its range reaches full four octaves, which is unprecedented among lyres of similar proportions. It combines the advantages of soprano and alto lyres in one instrument and even exceed the capabilities of a guitar in terms of range. The acoustic properties in the middle and high registers are comparable even with some concert instruments. Solo Lyre is a good option for lyre players who mean it seriously.

49 strings - range E - e’’’
Typical timber selection: spruce / maple, ash, oak
Concert Lyre

Concert Lyre is the master-piece of our lyres. It comes as the result of a long term colaboration of an experienced lyre builder with a professional lyre player. With these instruments we always try to bring the best possible quality in every aspect of lyre building. Carefully selected timber along with the inovative technology of construction using carbon fiber result in exceptional sound characteristics. With an outstanding sound, great resonance properties, excellent responsivity and erognomic design, the Concert Lyre will satisfy even the most demanding lyre players.

57 strings - range B♭, - f♯’’’
Typical timber selection: western red cedar / maple, rosewood, mahagony